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Organic Wheat Grass Powder (Pack of 3)

Sharrets Organic Wheat Grass Powder – 200gm

Sharrets Organic Wheat Grass powder is the India’s finest wheat grass powerful alkalising super food for clear radiant skin, a strong immune system and reaching your goals for weight management. Organic  Sharrets Wheat Grass is made of “whole-leaf” powder preserving its precious fibres for your juice with no binders or additives.  To meet your daily vitamin and minerals requirements, organic wheat grass will help you. Each sips will lead to a healthier life style. It is particularly rich in Chlorophyll, protein, vitamin, and minerals. Wheat grass powder is high dietary fibre and thus helps maintain blood sugar level, cholesterol level and prevents constipation.

Amazing Health benefits of Sharrets Wheat Grass Powder

  • Support physical and mental performance sense of well-being

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body and purifies the blood

  • Support weight loss, digestion and improve immune system

  • Helps overcome nutrition deficiencies

  • Helps in blood purification and to balance hemoglobin production

  • Helps overcome skin disorders and to improve skin.

  • Curb cravings & aid weight loss

  • Combat the effects of eating out , Alcohol or coffee.

Ingredient: 100% Pure Organic Wheat grass Powder -                                                                                                                                                                                                         No color , No flavor , No Sweetener , No Preservative

Suggested use: Mix 1 tsp (approx 5g) of Sharrets Wheat grass powder in a glass of water or any juice / milk of your choice for a delicious wheatgrass latte ! Just take 1 serving before , after or between meals.

Keep out of reach of Children . Store in a cool , dry place                                                                   

Important : As with any supplement , if you are pregnant , nursing or taking medication consult your doctor before use , discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery .

The statements mentioned above have not been evaluated by FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease . Product pictures are for illustrative purpose only and may vary from the original packing.