What We Don't Sell and Why

Ingredients We Don’t Sell

Chaparral , Cinnamon , Comfrey

These herbs have side effects on kidney & liver and causes severe problems . Studies suggest that Comfrey is carciogeneic.


This supplement is claimed to reduce inflammation , joint pain , gout . But have side effects of nausea , vomiting , weakness , paralysis , breathlessness & heart problems.

Caffeine powder

Caffeine powderis used as supplement and it claimed to Improve attention , enhances athletic performance & supports weight loss . But on the other side it causes Seizures , heart arrhythmia , cardiac arrest and dangerous when combined with other stimulants.

DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone)

If DHEA (hormone) produced naturally in our body by adrenal glands then it supports many functions in our body. But there are many side effects if we take it as a supplement such as – it promotes growth of tumor , enhance liver toxicity , hormonal imbalance and many more .

It is harmful if supplementation without the guidelines of a doctor .

EDTA( ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid)

EDTA is a synthetic aminoacid and is used as a mineral chelator and it removes essential minerals needed for nutrition when given in repeated doses to reduce artherosclerotc plaque & mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system. This chelation therapy may damage body therefore it can be used only under medical supervision.  


Germannium supplement results in liver , kidney & neurologic toxicity.         

Weight loss supplements like - Kola nut , citrus aurantium extract , guarana

These supplements contain high amounts of caffeine and may be harmful to some individuals therefore we at Sharrets doesn’t promotes these products.

Potassium iodide

High doses of iodine supplement  may cause adverse reactions like – skin rashes , itching  or lesions , gastrointestinal disorders , hypothyroidism.

Therefore we at Sharrets looking to the of health of Human being  doesn’t sell these ingredients.