ZYMO-Digestive enzyme supplements

Rs. 595.00Rs. 695.00
  • Zymo-Digestive enzyme supplements

ZYMO-Digestive enzyme supplements

Rs. 595.00Rs. 695.00
Rs. 595.00Rs. 695.00

Zymo-Digestive enzyme supplements. 

For your most balanced performance. 

ZYMO - Multi Enzyme Complex .

  • Digestive enzyme capsules - 225mg.
  • Digestive enzyme supplements gluten free - Non GMO , TSE /BSE Free . 
  • Halal certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians.  
  • MRP: Rs.695.00 - 60 Vegetable Capsules .

What is ZYMO ? ( A rich source of plant derived enzymes)

Digestive enzyme supplements : Zymo is a unique blend consisting of multiple enzymes that help in proper digestion and better absorption of the food we eat. 

This multi- enzyme complex consist of - 

α-Amylase ( starch hydrolyzing enzyme) 
Protease ( Protein hydrolyzing enzyme) 
Lipase ( Fat hydrolyzing enzyme) 
Cellulase ( Cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme) 
Lactase ( Lactase hydrolyzing enzyme)

Zymo - How do digestive enzyme supplements work ? The normal digestive process includes the breakdown of carbohydrates , proteins and fats into smaller digestible units in order to assimilate . This is brought about by a number of enzymes and compounds secreted in the lining of the digestive tract , namely the secretions of the digestive glands ; liver , pancreas and salivary glands. 

Digestive enzymes are found exclusively in the GI tract and these enzymes aid in digestion by facilitating the breakdown of larger molecules present in food for absorption . Broadly speaking amylase , protease and lipase are responsible for the breakdown of starch , proteins and fats respectively. 

Secretion of digestive enzymes is sustained by good nutrition and a proper lifestyle - which is challenging task in the modern world today. 

digestive enzyme supplements- zymo

Rationale for the Supplemental Enzymes 

Maintaining adequate levels and the activity of digestive enzymes is a top priority , given current life style patterns . Restoring digestive enzymes will result not only in the alleviation of the GI symptoms , but can also prevent a number of diseases . 

Restored gastrointestinal enzymes will reverse chronic nutritional deficiencies by improving nutrient absorption and their ultimate tissue bioavailability. 

Enzyme supplementation to balance the digestive process should be recommended particularly for those who experience chronic gastrointestinal discomfort ( eg. gas , constipation , diarrhea , cramps ) and as a preventive measure in middle aged and elderly individuals. 

Need for Supplemental Enzymes . 

  • To counter the stress caused by sudden changes in food consumption patterns , exposure to environmental pollutants , extensive travel and unexpected changes in weather . 
  • To combat enzyme fluctuations observed in the treatment of somatic disease; for example when treated with immuno-suppressive drugs , antibiotics and certain surgical procedures. 
  • Enzyme supplementation is required in cases of enzyme insufficiency caused by damage of enzyme production , such as pancreas. 
  • To alleviate symptoms caused by digestive and metabolic disorders , wherein individuals lack specific enzyme generation systems due to genetic factors. For example lactose intolerance which is caused due to lactase deficiency . 

Benefits of Enzyme Supplementation - benefits of digestive enzyme supplements. 

  • Helps lower the toxic load generated by undigested food materials. 
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports healthy immune system 
  • Helps maintain healthy body composition . 

Foods in general have a balanced composition of ingredients which include carbohydrates , proteins , milk related products , oils , fats , and fibers . Humans do not have the ability to digest fibrous foods , thereby leading to fermentation in the colon causing the generation of gas, bloating and other health issues in a number of individuals. 

For this reason Sharrets has incorporated the following enzymes to aid in the digestion ; Cellulose for fibrous food , Lactase for individuals with Lactose intolerance , and Amylase , Lipase and Protease for those who have difficulty in digesting carbohydrates, fats and proteins respectively.

Origin of Each Enzyme 

In general , digestive enzymes are isolated from various sources such as the pancreas of higher animals ( swine and cattle) , higher vegetables ( barley) and microorganisms including bacteria and fungi . However Sharrets ZYMO prides itself on being derived from a non- animal source , which is found to be stable in a number of formulations. 

All the individual enzymes present in ZYMO are food grade , non GMO & gluten free. 




α - Amylase


Aspergillus oryzae 



Aspergillus oryzae



Rhizopus oryzae



Trichoderma longibrachiatum

Neutral Protease


Bacillus licheniformis

The blend has been formulated in such a way that it can be safely used by all individuals and the dosage is dependent upon specific indications . By and large the role of enzymes in the digestive health segment has a positive impact and wellness , and ZYMO leads the way.

Special care has been taken to ensure all the enzymes used in ZYMO are safe in terms of their origin , quality and efficacy.  

Role of Each Enzymes ( digestive enzyme function)  

α-Amylase : Breaks down carbohydrates such as starch , glycogen and polysaccharides into smaller units.  
Cellulase : Breaks down cellulose and chitin . It helps to free nutrients in both fruits and vegetables.  
Lipase : Breaks down lipids and improves fat utilization and also supports healthy gallbladder function .  
Protease : It helps in break down of protein and supports immune function .  
Lactose: Breaks down lactose (milk sugar) and useful for lactose intolerance.  

Activity Units of Digestive Enzymes

Unlike other dietary supplements, the efficacy or potency of an enzyme is not measured by its weight or concentration, because the quantity of milligrams of any enzyme would not determine its true efficacy. 

Hence, “activity” is the determining factor of potency of an enzyme—in other words, the “effect” it has on fats , proteins, or carbohydrates. The enzyme activity is measured using “Activity units” and is generally determined by various assays (test methods) that are performed under specific conditions.


Activity units as per FCC 

Enzyme Activity (Unit /g)



24000 DU/g (Dextrinizing Unit/g)



1100 CU/g    (Cellulase Unit/g)



200 FIP/g(Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique Unit/g)



4000 ALU/g (Acid Lactase Unit/g)

Neutral Protease


6000 PC/g (Protease Unit on L-tyrosine basis/g)

Zymo- Digestive Enzyme supplement ingredients : Digezyme ( Blend of α-Amylase , Neutral Protease , Lactase , Lipase , Cellulase ) 

Suggested Use : As a dietary supplement take One Capsule of 225 mg. 1-2 times a day.  


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