L ascorbic acid vitamin c powder

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  • vitamin c l ascorbic acid powder

L ascorbic acid vitamin c powder

Rs. 2,992.00Rs. 3,990.00
Rs. 2,992.00Rs. 3,990.00

L ascorbic acid Vitamin C Powder USP/Ph Eur/FCC

Vitamin C is Nature’s most essential health nutrient and powerful antioxidant, with many important benefits in the body. Sharrets Vitamin C Powder contains vitamin C in the form of L- ascorbic acid for immune system health and general wellbeing.

This easy to take Vitamin C Powder is suitable for the whole family and helps to support a healthy immune system. 

Sharrets Difference - PREMIUM QUALITY :

Sharrets L-ascorbic acid provides 100% pure Vitamin C, a water-soluble nutrient with immune support & revered antioxidant properties. 

  • Meets all requirements of the current version of the IP, USP, FCC and Ph. Eur. when tested according to these compendia. 
  • No added Preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners. 
  • Non GMO, Gluten free & Halal Certified - Suitable for Vegan & Vegetarians. 
  • Can also used in Serums & Cosmetics formulations for antioxidant protection .
  • This water-soluble vitamin dissolves easily, letting you turn almost any beverage into a powerful defense for your body's immune system.
  • Availability : Powder : 500g & 50g I  Veggie Capsules 800mg .  

Benefit of Vitamin C Supplement : Antioxidant & Immunity Booster !  Why use

  • Maintains vitamin C levels in the body & supports immune health.
  • It helps reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms , supports skin suppleness, promotes wound healing and helps to maintain capillary health.
  • Supports collagen formation and is an antioxidant helping to reduce free radical damage to the body cells.
  • Aids in absorption of Vitamin E.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.

Directions & Uses : Individual preferences vary . 1 small spoon provided in the container fills approx 1 gram of Vitamin C Powder . Take as recommended by your healthcare professional with your favorite food or beverage. 

Ingredients : Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid)  IP/ Ph. Eur/ USP/ FCC
Other Ingredients: None – No additives , No fillers 

Store in a tightly closed Container in a cool & dark place . Keep out of reach of children.

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