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MCT'S : CAPRYLIC C8 60% - CAPRIC C10 40%

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Medium-chain triglycerides 200g.

MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Powder are super-fuels for your brain, muscle, metabolism and immune system. MCT is a fat source for those who are unable to digest or absorb conventional fats. It do not requires digestive enzymes or bile acids for digestion and absorption.  If you want to lose weight, feel strong and energized for your athletic pursuits. Fast digesting  with the source of quick energy, much faster for those who looking to increase muscle mass and bulk up. MCT provides the clean nutrition you need to fuel your life.  MCT support athletic performance, Immune system, muscle maintenance, brain health and graceful ageing.

Amazing Health Benefit of Sharrets  MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

  • Promotes weight loss, burns body fats and preserves lean muscle

  • Increase energy and improves endurance

  • Enhance athletic performance and reduce recovery time

  • Aids in brain cell maintenance, repair, and protection

  • Supports immune system function and cardiovascular health

  • No Fillers , No Excipients , No additives.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement mix 10gram of MCT powder to your favorite beverages as needed for added energy and calories. Can be added to protein powders and meal replacements for added calories and energy.

Ingredient : MCT Powder

Keep out of reach of Children . Store in a cool , dry place                                                                   

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