EASY GUT-gut health natural supplements

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EASY GUT-gut health natural supplements

Rs. 390.00Rs. 595.00

EASY GUT-gut health natural supplements I gut healing supplements I Supplements for digestion and bloating 

Nowadays Modern lifestyle, improper food , poor health, stress and sickness can create an imbalance of good and bad microflora in the intestinal tract which can lead to ill health and poor gut health. 

EASY GUT CONTAINS  blend of 14 bio active natural herbs that help maintain gut health and also enhance the immune system . 

Sharrets Nutritions EASY GUT ( Total gut health supplements) is the synergistic poly botanical extract for maintaining overall well-being and healthy functioning of human gastrointestinal tract. .

EASY-GUT keeps your gastrointestinal tract healthy by maintaining the integrity of internal lining of the gut. The multi-pronged action of poly-botanicals contained in EASY-GUT helps in controlling multi -level gastro intestinal (GI) dysfunctions leading to irregular bowel habits, GERD( Gastroesophageal reflux disease) , constipation and related ill-health.


  • Non-ETO and Non Irradiated.
  • Non GMO - Gluten free.
  • BSE/ TSE Free. 
  • Each Vegetable capsule of EASY GUT contains 250mg. Of Poly botanical extract ( blend of 14 Bio active natural herbal ingredients) .

EASY-GUT health benefits : Benefits of gut health supplement .

  • EASY-GUT helps to protect overall Gut Health. 
  • EASY -GUT helps to maintain healthy Digestive System.
  • EASY-GUT helps Supports healthy Intestinal Tract.
  • EASY-GUT supports satisfactory bowel movement.
  • EASY-GUT helps to reduce abdominal gas & bloating.

Suggested Use : As a dietary supplement take 1-2 Capsules daily after food , as needed or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


Serving Size : 1 Vegetable Capsule I Servings per Bottle : 60 Vegetable Capsules.
Amount per serving  % RDA*
Poly botanical extract 250 mg .  **
* * Recommended daily allowance (RDA) not established.*RDA allowances of nutrients as per Indian council of Medical Research ( ICMR) 

Ingredients in EASY-GUT  : Blend of - Murraya koenigii , Tinospora cordifolia , Glycyrrhiza glabra , Hemidesmus indicus ,Cassia fistula, Piper longum,Cyperus rotundus , Boerhavia diffusa , Alpinia galanga , Terminallia chebula, Centella asiatica , Curcuma longa , Swertia chirata extract , Zingiber officinale. 

Storage : Store in a cool , dry place and keep away from light & moisture. 

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