N 95 and 3 Ply Certified Mask

Rs. 855.00Rs. 3,500.00
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N 95 and 3 Ply Certified Mask

Rs. 855.00Rs. 3,500.00
Rs. 855.00Rs. 3,500.00

Monte Carlo Make, N 95 & 3 Ply Certified Mask. For your Enhanced Protection & Assured Safety.

N 95 Mask Specifications : 

  • First of its Kind - Made from Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Fabrics.
  • Washable and Reusable, Without Valve Respirator.
  • World class Composition for Ensured Safety & Comfort. Untouched by hand, UV Sterilized.
  • Five Layers of Protection. Blocks at least 95% very small (0.3 micron)  
  • Advanced Anti Fog - Zero Fogging from exhalation. 
  • Skin Friendly - Soft Non Woven Fabric. 

Outer Layer - Waterproof non-woven fabric, blocks large particles or microorganisms. 
Second Layer - Melt blown cloth for filtration of small particles. 
Third Layer - Heat sealed cotton foam inner layer moisture absorption outer layer dust separation. 
Inner Layer - Sin friendly non woven fabric. 

Features & Benefits :  

N 95 Mask Ensures upto 95% filtering efficiency @ 0.3 Micron or greater . Capable of filtering out 95% of exhaust, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, smoke and fumes. Ultrasonic welded super soft Ear-Loop design for that increased comfort & coverage. Adjustable nose clip to suit all face shapes and sizes. 

Usage : Recommended for Professional use. Daily use & all outdoor activities. 

Certificate of Compliance : WHO GMP I CE I FDA I ISO 


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