Natural liquid vitamin e

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  • natural mixed tocopherols

Natural liquid vitamin e

Rs. 895.00Rs. 995.00
Rs. 895.00Rs. 995.00

Sharrets-E Organic Natural Mixed Tocopherols ( liquid vitamin e )

Nutritional Source for Natural Vitamin E

  • Dietary Supplement for Food & Cosmetic use. 
  • Non GMO Gluten free - Halal Certified.   
  • Organic, Vegan 
  • Availability : 30g (1.05 Fl Oz.) Glass Bottle I Also available bulk packs of 500gram & 1 Kgs in BPA Free HDPE Food Grade Bottles. 
  • Applications: Food, Nutraceuticals , Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed & Pet Feed.

Sharrets E  (Natural Mixed Tocopherols) contains not less than 900mg /g of total tocopherol of which not less than 80% are non alpha Tocopherol.(Beta , Gamma & Delta Tocopherols) which shows highest Anti oxidant activity . Total Tocopherol content is 90%  [d-Alpha Tocopherol (%) 5-20 I d-Beta ,d-Gamma(%) 50-75 I d-Delta Tocopherols (%) 10-30] (Values are on 100% Basis of total Tocopherol content). Due to variability of Vegetable oilseed stocks, slight variations in typical composition may occur.

Sharrets -E  ( Natural Mixed Tocopherol)  is a Powerful Antioxidant which is used in Food (Organic as well), Nutraceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic & Feed industry. 

Sharrets-E ( Natural vitamin E with mixed tocopherols) effectively fights process of oxidation which is the main cause behind deterioration of processed food products . 

This Natural liquid vitamin e oil is Used as Food Antioxidant in most of the food preparations. Sharrets E ( Pure vitamin e oil) also prevents onset of Rancidity thus preserving original taste , flavor, aroma, strength & overall quality of food preparation. 

Sharrets E ( Liquid vitamin e oil) is also used in Nutraceutical applications where Antioxidant & Nutritional properties of Vitamin E are required . As Sharrets E (Natural Mixed tocopherol) contains all isomers of Vitamin E, namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta Tocopherols. It provides comprehensive nutritional benefits.

Due to strong antioxidant & nourishing properties pure natural vitamin e - Sharrets-E (Liquid vitamin e supplement)  is widely used in cosmetic applications like creams , lotions , moisturizers shampoos. 

Best natural vitamin e oil for skin- Sharrets E ( Natural liquid vitamin e oil) effectively prevents hair & skin from free radical damage and also provides protection from harmful Ultraviolet sun rays.  The skin rejuvenating properties of Vitamin e ( Mixed tocopherols) makes it an ideal ingredient in many skincare formulations.

The Sharrets Difference - Sharrets E ( Natural liquid vitamin e oil)  is retained longer & is more active within the body than synthetic Vitamin E. Sharrets Nutritions Natural vitamin e with mixed tocopherol is made from the highest quality ingredients derived from natural source .

Benefits of liquid vitamin e oil (Natural mixed tocopherol benefits) 

  • Natural vitamin e oil for face - Sharrets E natural vitamin e oil helps to repair damaged skin - provides protection against free lines , wrinkles and stretch marks , improves elasticity of skin and fight against free radical damage- leaving skin looking more youthful and healthier.
  • Natural vitamin e oil for hair  - Sharrets E ( Natural mixed tocopherol) support healthy hair . 
  • Vitamin e for vision - Supports vision -  vitamin e is needed for vision and normal growth and development.
  • Vitamin e and premenstrual syndrome- It helps PMS syndromes
  • Vitamin e for heart health - It Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system .
  • vitamin e for Alzheimer's disease - Helps people with Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Vitamin e for cancer - vitamin e supplements may lower Cancer risk & improve medical treatments.
  • Vitamin e for athletes, vitamin e for sports , vitamin e endurance athletes , Improves Physical endurance & muscle strength .
  • Vitamin e oil in pregnancy - During pregnancy, it supports the growth and development of the fetus. 
  • Vitamin e benefits hormones- It keeps hormones balanced.

Recommended Use of Vitamin e supplement : Sharrets E ( Natural liquid vitamin e ) May be used as a dietary supplement or applied to the skin for cosmetic and other purposes. 

Vitamin e oil dietary supplement use : Individual preferences vary. 1 gm ( approx 10 drops) provides 67.05 IU of Vitamin E. Consume at your own discretion or as recommended by your healthcare professional with your favorite food or beverage.

Vitamin e oil cosmetic use : Pour 4 to 5 drops of Sharrets E  (vitamin e body oil  / vitamin e essential oil for skin) with Sharrets Pure Vegetable Glycerin  and lightly massage into skin , hair , or scalp . Use as a daily moisturizer to help soothe dry skin or as a nourishing hair and scalp massage. Sharrets-E ( Natural vitamin e liquid) Can also be used as a base for premium massage oils or aromatherapy products. 

Nutritional information 
Amount per 100g  
Energy from Fat  128 Kcal
Carbs 0
Total Fat  10%
Saturated fat -  2.3%
Mono unsturated fat -  3.6%
Poly unsaturated Fat  4.1%
Trans fat  0
Sodium  0.7 mg
Potassium  <0.5 mg
Protein  0
Dietary fiber  0
Sugars  0
Cholesterol  0
Vitamin C  <0.1mg
Vitamin E   6705 IU 
Tocopherols Min  90% 

Ingredients : Organic, Natural mixed tocopherols , Min 90% , Soy oil.















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