Organic Moringa Leaves Powder

Rs. 295.00
  • Organic Moringa Leaves Powder

Organic Moringa Leaves Powder

Rs. 295.00

The Organic Boutique's - Organic Moringa Leaves Powder 200g

Moringa oleifera ( plant) has been praised for its health benefits for 1000's of years.
It is very rich in antioxidants & bioactive plant compounds. Also known as drumstick tree, horseradish tree or ben oil tree.

Features & Benefits of Moringa Powder : 

  • Supports blood sugar health. 
  • Helps reduce Inflammation & Cholestrol.
  • Supports Cholestrol 
  • Supports overall vitality

Suggested Use : Take 1 tsp (3g) of Moringa Powder, Mix it with a glass of water. You can also add it to Juice, Smoothies or sprinkle on salad.

Ingredients: Organic Moringa Leaves Powder (Moringa oleifera) 

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