Organic Water Melon seeds

Rs. 235.00
  • Organic Edible Water Melon Seeds

Organic Water Melon seeds

Rs. 235.00

The Organic Boutique's- Organic Water Melon Seeds  

Watermelon is always considered a super fruit that helps in hydrating your body and prevent dehydration. But the seeds are always thrown away. Little does everyone know that these tiny natural raw seeds carry a whole lot of nutrients in them which benefits the overall health of the body, especially for weight management since they are considered to be the best seeds for weight loss. Watermelon seeds are purely natural and can be consumed in the form of a snack since it's totally guilt-free and rich in nutrients. It has a nutty texture with a crunchy taste. Enjoy your watermelon seeds which are edible.

Features & Benefits of Watermelon Seeds :

Vegan, Non GMO - Gluten Free, Organic 
No Chemicals, No Pesticides
Supports Skin Health.
Helps in Strenthening the hair.
Supports Cardiac, Nervous system & bone  health.
Boost enegy levels - Helps in Vitality.

INGREDIENTS : Organic Water Melon Seeds

DIRECTIONS FOR USE : As a dietary supplement take 1 Serving ( 3 Tbsp approx ) daily or as suggested by your healthcare professional. Can be eaten alone, sprinkled on cereal, yogurt and other foods, or used in baking.

Allergen Information: Allergen Free -NO - crustaceans, Celery, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, mustard, mollusks peanuts, sesame, soybeans, Sulphur dioxide, Sulphites, and tree nuts.


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