ZYMO FORTE -gut health supplement

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  • ZYMO FORTE -gut health supplement

ZYMO FORTE -gut health supplement

Rs. 895.00Rs. 995.00

ZYMO FORTE -gut health supplement

Best gut health supplement - Dual action formula to support healthy digestion,naturally.

multi enzyme complex - digezyme

Best supplements for digestion and bloating 

ZYMO FORTE provides a blend of enzymes and herbs used in traditional Western herbal medicine to support healthy digestion.

Do gut health supplements work ? The Sharrets difference : ZYMO FORTE - Ensuring a healthy gut naturally. I Complete gut health supplement - 

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ZYMO FORTE offers dual action digestion support because it contains Digezyme (multi enzyme complex) for the breakdown of fats , carbs , proteins, lactose and poly botanical extract ( 14 herbs) for maintaining overall well-being and healthy functioning of the human gut. 

ZYMO FORTE keeps your gut healthy by maintaining the integrity of internal lining of the gut. The multi-pronged action of poly-botanicals contained in ZYMO FORTE helps in controlling multi -level gastro intestinal (GI) dysfunctions leading to irregular bowel habits, GERD, constipation and related ill-health.

Non animal sourced derived enzymes possess activity at different pH levels. This enables ZYMO FORTE to be more consistently active and functional for a longer distance as it is transported through the digestive tract.

  • ZYMO FORTE is suitable for vegetarians. 
  • ZYMO FORTE is Non GMO Gluten free . 
  • BSE / TSE free . 
  • ZYMO forte ingredients are Non ETO and Non Irradiated.


ZYMO FORTE Dual Action formula contains: formulated to help support Healthy gut flora & optimal digestion . 

14 herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve digestive complaints such as bloating, dyspepsia/ indigestion and feelings of fullness.

Digestive enzymes in ZYMO FORTE support digestion including some “problem foods” – dairy, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Benefits of gut health supplement I Benefits of Digestive Enzyme I benefits of digestive enzyme supplements - ZYMO FORTE :-
  • ZYMO FORTE is a dual action formula helps promote a healthy digestive system and nutrient absorption. 
  • ZYMO FORTE Helps lower the toxin levels generated by undigested food materials. 
  • Supports overall Gastrointestinal health. 
  • Improves overall bowel health and well being functions
  • Helps in Reducing Abdominal Gas & Bloating - Thus ZYMO FORTE is best gut health supplement for bloating. 
  • Helps to control reflux syndrome .
  • Helps promote healthy gut flora. 
  • Aids in immune system support. 

Suggested Use : As a dietary supplement take 1-2 Capsules daily after food , as needed or as recommended by your healthcare professional. 

Serving Size : 1 Capsule : Servings per Bottle : 60
Amount per serving  % RDA*
Poly botanical extract 400mg .  **
Digezyme - Multi enzyme complex 100mg.  **

* * Recommended daily allowance (RDA) not established.*RDA allowances of nutrients as per Indian council of Medical Research ( ICMR) 


Ingredients : Poly botanical extract ( Blend of - Murraya koenigii , Tinospora cordifolia , Glycyrrhiza glabra , Hemidesmus indicus ,Cassia fistula, Piper longum,Cyperus rotundus , Boerhavia diffusa , Alpinia galanga , Terminallia chebula, Centella asiatica , Curcuma longa , Swertia chirata extract , Zingiber officinale)
Digezyme - Multi enzyme complex ( Blend of Amylase , Protease , Lactase , Lipase & Cellulase ; Carrier : Maltodextrin) & Vegetable capsule

Storage : Store in a cool , dry place and away from direct sunlight. 

Also available- Multi Enzyme complex - ZYMO Capsules . Click here to buy best digestive enzyme supplements online in India .



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