The amazing Benefits of vitamin e oil for your skin.

Choose Vitamin E Oil as Your New Health Friend . 

Vitamin E Oil For Your Healthy Body - Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that exists in 8 different isomers (forms) of vitamin E alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol; and alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol. It's main action is as an antioxidant which is responsible for many of it's functions in the body.

benefits of vitamin e oil

There are many benefits of Vitamin E oil ; you may want to consider applying it all the time. You can use it to reduce those leftover summer brown spots, diminish wrinkles, remove makeup, hydrate cuticles & heal scars.

  • Fat soluble , Vitamin E is  powerful antioxidant and it is essential to maintain the skin healthy. It’s been called “the protector” because it reduces wrinkles by blocking free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Apply vitamin E oil and sunscreen before going into the sun and your skin will be less red, swollen, and dry. That’s because vitamin E can absorb the energy from ultraviolet (UV) light and prevent UV-induced free radical damage to skin.
  • Free radicals can prevent scars from healing. Vitamin E helps to repair and improve the appearance of the damaged tissue. You can also swap it in place of skin-brightening creams.
  • Massage your lips and cuticles with Vitamin E oil to prevent and soothe chapped skin.
  • Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin, which can reduce inflammation from sunburn as well as calm and hydrate sensitive skin. Vitamin E oil shatter dryness by helping skin retain its natural moisturizers.
  • Topical application of vitamin E reduces pollution-related free radical damage. In one study, it significantly reduced the number of unstable molecules created after exposure to cigarette smoke.
  • Studies shows that  dermal Vitamin E, particularly alpha tocopherol cream (a form of vitamin E), reduces roughness of skin , length of facial lines, and wrinkle depth.
  • Use Vitamin E oil to to remove makeup - dip a cotton ball in vitamin E oil & gently wipe your face. Vitamin E oil is a good choice because it’s gentle, fragrance-free and safe.
  • As Vitamin E oil is thick & greasy , so it is best used before bedtime, possibly in place of a night cream or moisturizers.

Avoid if you have oily skin. Oil attracts bacteria, dirt, and stimulates production of more oil, which can cause skin dryness and accelerate the development of wrinkles.

Sharrets Nutritions Natural Mixed Tocopherols is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps protect cells from free radical damage and supports heart health.

Natural Mixed Tocopherol is also a source of natural vitamin E which is more available (easily absorbed) and is retained longer in the body, than synthetic vitamin E.

Make vitamin oil a part of your beauty regimen. Just like a best friend, it will take really good care of you health & body !

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