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Sharrets Nutritions ( The Supplement Shoppe ®) is a name of quality and trust in the realm of health supplements all across India. Our ISO 22000: 2018, ISO 9001:2015, WHO GMP, HACCP, and Halal certifications are practical manifestations of our commitment to high-quality standards in the field of dietary supplements. 

Not only that, but Sharrets Nutritions is also registered by US-FDA (FDA Registration no.: 16963256056), allowing us to provide top quality dietary supplements to a diverse clientele.  

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Our unrivalled dedication towards the well being of our customers all across the globe is an asset we value the most. With our team of motivated and highly trained professionals, we manufacture  highest quality dietary supplements that support a balanced lifestyle.

Sharrets Nutritions was initiated as a labor of love by our CEO and founding Chairman Mr Naveen Khandelwal in June 2015. The foundations of the company stand strong upon his 25 years of experience in the speciality health industry. His passion for improving the quality of life of people across India and the globe eventually, through improved nutrition is the driving force behind Sharrets Nutritions.

Our Chairman’s mantra for the quality standards of Sharrets products is: “ If it’s good enough for me & my family , then only it is good enough for my customers. ”

Naveen Khandelwal,  CEO & Chairman - Sharrets Nutritions 

You can therefore be assured that the dietary supplements that we offer are of the best quality and nothing less. Our expert team conducts extensive research in order to ensure that the standards of quality are always being met.

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Caring through innovation 

Sharrets Nutritions takes you to a journey of self-care through Non GMO Gluten Free supplements that make you look and feel excellent; inside out.  You can browse our vast variety of supplements online from the comfort of your couch. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed as our enchanting supplements do their magic.  

Sharrets Nutritions opens doors of success for you in achieving your health goals. Give your body the nutrition it requires in the form of efficacious health supplements and prepare to be amazed by the results !  

So, step up your nutrition game ! Embrace a balanced lifestyle with Sharrets Nutritions ! 


Supplements for every NeedSharrets is a name known in providing supplements that cater to the diversified needs of our customers.  Be it for the blood sugar, joint pain, skin care and rejuvenation, or a healthy blood circulation.  

Convenient & Inexpensive :Our range of products are inexpensive following our dream of providing healthy supplements all over globe. 

Delivering Excellence :With decades of experience in the field, Sharrets is committed in providing excellence through consistency and quality.  

Because we CARE!

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“Sharrets Nutritions is a family of hard-working individuals from diverse backgrounds all of whom are working towards a common goal ; Making India a healthier nation. It is our object to produce best supplements accessible to everyone all across globe ” 

Health is a person’s greatest asset. Everything is rendered meaningless without it. Our aim is to bring to esteemed customers the best health supplements in India so too augment their well-being.

We strive towards bringing health and open up a world of opportunities to our people as they become more energized and physically fit. 

Live life to the fullest with the help of our invigorating Health supplements !


“At Sharrets, we believe in a world full of physically strong & healthy people.  It is our conviction that robust individuals are content, more productive and efficient. Your health is our utmost priority. Let us bring you closer to a healthy and happy life with the Best health supplements in India” 

Advanced, Innovative and astounding !


Sharrets Nutritions offers an extensive range of supplements including bodybuilding  supplements, sports nutrition, weight loss products, ketogenic supplements, vitamins and much more. 

We are here to rid you off all your troubles and assist you to achieve your health goal.

Our premium quality weight loss products assist you in losing weight faster and easier. With the help of our protein supplements, you will find yourself gaining that muscle you have been striving for at the gym. 

Sharrets Nutritions features bone and joint supplements providing you relief from agonizing joint pain. 

If you are looking to rejuvenate your skin, enhance your immunity, build muscle mass, or just get rid of joint pain; we present the best health supplements in India for your health targets all under one roof !

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Our product category includes:

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