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Weight Management - Foods to maintain healthy weight .

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Five simple food choices that will helps you maintain healthy weight If your weight is already ideal, congratulations! You see, more and more people are struggling with their weight.

Some are too thin, while others need to reduce few Kgs or pounds. So for that alone, you deserve a pat on the back. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch what you eat from now on. A lighter weight doesn’t necessarily equate to being healthy. It is still always best to be careful of what goes into your mouth to ensure optimum health.

Foods to maintain healthy weight

We have listed below a few healthy food options that you can regularly include in your diet.

These, plus staying active is the best way to take care of your health.

Whole grain bread

If you are about to pick your bread in the supermarket, make sure that you choose whole grain instead of the white ones. Whole grain bread is the ideal choice for maintaining healthy weight as it helps you stay satisfied for a longer period of time (and Lower GI!). This is something you won’t be able to get from white bread. In addition, whole grain breads are filled with nutrients that white bread could no longer offer.

And how do you make it even healthier ? Why don’t you mix a small amount of MCT oil with fruit jam before spreading on your whole grain bread before toasting it. Now, that’s a great treat !


We all know that vegetables  are important to maintain a healthy weight. But eating the same type of vegetables every single day isn’t good too. Try the following veggies and experience its health benefits:

Cucumber , Carrots , Kale , Mushrooms, Celery

Incorporate healthy MCT oil in your salad or healthy dip for your vegetable chips. By replacing your regular salty chips with veggies, you maintain healthy weight without depriving yourself of good tasting food.

Boiled potatoes

Another good food option for a healthy weight is boiled potatoes. It is rich in B-complex vitamins, potassium, vitamin C, and phosphorus. Some people think that potatoes are a big NO to maintain weight but that’s just a misconception. That’s only true if you are adding condiments such as sour cream and butter to your potatoes. Thus, the best option is just to boil it and add healthy oil like MCT oil.

Chicken breast and salmon

Eating grilled skinless chicken breast is recommended if you want to maintain or for some, lose weight (Of course, you still have to be physically active). You can add MCT oil while preparing your meal to make it healthier and benefits from MCT oil’s thermogenesis effect.

If you crave fish, then salmon fish is one of the best choices. It is packed with lean protein which is perfect for those who carefully watch their weight.

Use healthy oil - Medium Chain Triglyceride oil l

We have mentioned Medium Chain triglyceride oil multiple times in this blog  - and for a good reason. Choosing it over other oils (even coconut oil) is encouraged by most health enthusiasts.

Medium chain triglycerides are easier to digest and holds a number of health benefits. It is effective in managing weight because it helps in keeping you full and helps burn fats. Hence, you do not crave for foods which your body do not necessarily benefit from.

Lastly, whenever possible, get your vegetables & meat directly from its source. This is to check if the produce are natural and free from chemicals.

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