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Healthy Living – The Ketosis Way

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Our bodies need regular care and maintenance to keep up with the increasing demands of our busy schedules. Late meetings and early morning seminars don’t leave much time for some TLC, and at the end of the day, you can feel the exhaustion bringing you down.

So does that mean you should give up and let things take their course?

Absolutely not!

What you need are some effective, all-in-one supplements that can energize your day and make you more productive, especially if you are on a keto diet. Most people opt for the diet because of the many success stories that are flooding the internet and talk about the effectiveness of a keto diet. This is the holy grail for people who want to lose weight quickly.  

Who doesn’t want to get rid of those stubborn fat rolls? We all do, and that’s why the keto diet has gained such popularity. With fast and effective results, it’s the diet that everyone is raving about. So whether you have an upcoming event you want to look your best for or you’re determined to take on a healthy lifestyle, a keto diet can help with your fitness goals.


·       A Glance at Keto Diet   

When it was first introduced, the diet created waves in the fitness world because of the completely different way of eating that it promotes. The diet consists of high fat intake (75%), a moderate amount of proteins (20%) and limited carbs (5%). Once you’re on the diet for a few days, your body enters ketosis. Being in this state, your body starts to use the stored fat for energy, burning it up in the process.

It’s quite easy to track when your body is in ketosis. People use a urine ketone strip or a blood prick meter. Once your body gets used to it, you’ll learn exactly what it feels like.

·       Keto Benefits

Keto might be a fad diet, but it comes with its fair share of benefits that can drastically improve your wellbeing. Most people might have joined the trend just to lose weight, but they mustn’t lose sight of all the other benefits that Keto has to offer.

Since your body uses fat for energy in ketosis, there’s a decrease in the production of radicals. This decreased level of inflammation allows for more energy production, stabilizing blood sugar and insulin along the way. With the decrease in neurological inflammation, you experience a significant improvement in your mental performance.

The diet has proven health benefits, which is why people prefer it. Research proves that the diet is beneficial in treating epilepsy in children. People with Type 2 diabetes could also reap the benefits of the diet. Keto also works as a mood stabilizer for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Obese individuals on Keto diet lost more weight and fat, according to a recent study. 

·       Keto Friendly Foods

The whole idea of the keto diet is to increase the calories your body gets from fat and limit the quantity of carbs. Some keto-friendly foods include oils, avocado, butter, cream cheese, eggs, meat, nuts, etc.   

·       Keto Supplements

Everyone knows that it is difficult to maintain a keto diet for too long. Since the diet drastically cuts off your carb intake, your body needs time adjusting to the sudden depletion of fuel. It takes a while for your body to figure out that now it has to use the stored fat for energy. These days can be difficult for you and a little help can go a long way.

That’s where health supplements come in. Since the diet cuts out some basic food options, halal certified health supplements can provide your body with the specific nutrients your body is missing out on. If you want to optimize your health while you are on a keto diet, here are some of the health supplements that can benefit your journey.

·       MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is one of the most popular supplements among the dieters. They are broken down by the liver and used as energy for your muscles and brain. This is the right way to energize your body.

Sharrets MCT Oil is one of the finest halal certified health supplements you can get in India. Our unique formula is a vegetarian friendly, non GMO gluten free alternative to healthy living. Whether you want a fast energy fuel for your athletic pursuits or bring balance to your life, our MCT Oil is the key to healthy living.     

·       Keto-Fit

Now that your body is ready to burn up that excess fat, your body might be missing some of the essential nutrients. One of these is collagen, which you can now easily get through keto supplements.

Sharrets Keto-Fit is a blend of fish collagen peptides and MCTs. The ketone friendly protein fulfils your body’s nutritional needs and takes your performance to new heights. Our Keto-Fit is non GMO, gluten free and has no flavor or color. It not only supports your immune system but also enhances athletic performance. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your muscle and joint function, Keto-Fit can help you out right away.  


Keto supplements are the best way to maintain your health while on a keto diet. Even when you feel like giving up, these health supplements will keep you right on track, providing you the energy your body needs to keep going.

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