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How to use MCT oil , If You don't like bulletproof coffee ?

The quickest & easiest ways to start enjoying the benefits of MCT .

Ways To Use MCT (NOT Bulletproof Coffee) ?

A lot of people on Keto recommend MCT oil over coconut oil, and there’s a reason for that…

MCTs are medium chain triglycerides -- a type of fatty acid that has a TON of health benefits. They give you more energy, can help you burn fat, and are really great for giving you a mental boost.

Most people on a Keto diet mix MCTs into their coffee in the morning along with butter or cream to make a Bulletproof coffee.

But if you don’t like coffee (or don’t like bulletproof coffee) how can you get healthy MCTs in your diet?

Simple! Here are four  ways for you to get (more) MCTs in your diet without coffee:

  1. Tea - good news for all you tea drinkers out there! MCT oil, or MCT oil powder, will dissolve just as easily in tea as it will in coffee, and you’ll get all the same benefits. Plus if you like your tea with milk or cream, MCT powder adds a creamy taste.
  2. Lattes & Hot Chocolates - so long as you’re using Keto friendly ingredients like unsweetened almond milk and Stevia, lattes and hot chocolates are a fantastic place to add MCT oil. They make it extra rich and tasty !
  3. Smoothies & Shakes - not a fan of hot drinks? Toss some MCT into your morning smoothie or post-workout shake. The fat is an excellent source of fuel and will give you that energy boost you’re looking for.
  4. Spreads & Sauces - you can use MCT oil in any recipe that calls for coconut oil. I’ve got a great cauliflower “hummus” recipe, and I just toss some MCT into the blender with everything. It’s also great in nut butters, spreads, and dipping sauces.

MCT is really easy to use and super versatile, so you can get a ton out of it. And for all of these items, I actually find the MCT powders work better than the liquid MCT oils. They add the same creamy, fatty taste with less mess and they blend better.

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