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Bulletproof MCT oil I Can MCT benefits in Muscle building?

The Keto diet Made Easy - MCT oil for Muscle Building , mct oil for muscle gain , MCT oil Keto .

mct and muscle gain

If you are a body  builder, you may have followed a keto diet in order to lean out and look ripped right before an upcoming show.

When you eat a diet with few carbohydrates , lots of fat, and adequate amount of  protein, your body responds to the lower levels of blood glucose by switching to an alternative power source. It converts fatty acids to ketones, which become your main energy source.

Translation: Instead of burning carbohydrates , your body burns FAT.

Feel the burn. Not the pain.

According to recent researches & studies , a keto diet is an optimal method for shedding body fat and exposing toned muscles. Here are some specific benefits of a keto diet:

  • Many beneficial hormones (GH, testosterone, and IGF-I) are released, which leads to more fat breakdown & lean muscle growth.
  • While in a state of Ketosis , If adequate amounts of protein are consumed , your body will spare protein and preserve muscle.
  • You may experience decreased appetite and fewer carbohydrate cravings, making dieting easier to accomplish.

Here’s the problem: Preparing meals and adhering to the strict guidelines of a keto diet can be extremely difficult for many as it involves a very rigid ratios of carbohydrates , fat & proteins.

Fortunately, simply combining Medium Chain Triglycerides i.e. MCT oil with a reduced carb diet can generate therapeutic blood ketone levels and deliver all the benefits of following a keto diet—without the struggle.

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