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Recipes for MCT oil Powder .

MCT oil Recipes , MCT Powder Recipes, MCT oil Powder Recipes to Fuel your day.

Prawn Dumpling Soup with MCT  

prawn dumpling soup with mct oil

Prawns is a favorite seafood for many people. They are low in fat and contains protein . The Prawn dumpling soup is clear and flavor comes from scallops, prawns, mushroom sauce & seaweed. There is no added salt or flavor enhancers in this exotic Prawn dumpling soup.

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Fruit Smoothie with MCT Powder 

fruit smoothie with mct

Fruit Smoothie is great as a healthy breakfast beverage. Breakfast is most important meal of the day. It’s well documented that eating a nutritious breakfast benefits better concentration. This drink with cereals may contain as much as 25 percent of your daily requirements of minerals & vitamins . You may also add in chia seeds , flax seeds, or chopped nuts to your cereals.

Chia seeds contain soluble fibre and antioxidants.Flax seeds contain the vegetarian type of omega 3. Nuts in moderation promotes good heart health.

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Rainbow Baguette with MCT

Rainbow Baguette with MCT oil

Salmon contains vital nutrients like omega 3  fatty acid, Vitamin D (helps with Calcium absorption for strong bones ) proteins for muscle maintenance. The variety of colors from the vegetables provide protection from free radical damage to healthy cells.

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Curry Chicken Noodle with MCT 

chicken curry noodles with MCT

This is a healthy version of curry made from yogurt and Sharrets MCT powder rather than coconut milk. Yogurt contains calcium ( for maintaining Strong bones) . Onions belong to the allium family that includes garlic, shallots , leeks, . These veggies may help reduce risk of the Cancer of stomach . Tomatoes are the rich source of lycopene which is an antioxidant and demonstrate to neutralize the effects of cell damage.

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Comfort Food Porridge with MCT 

Comfort food porridge with MCT

This Food porridge is most suitable when nursing a flu or recovery from flu. It is not too heavy to digest yet provides the energy, nutrients and antioxidants to boost body’s immune system.

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Spicy Salmon Otah with MCT 

Spicy salmon otah with MCT

Salmon provides omega 3 fatty acids (from salmon) which is helpful for Cardiac health. Coloured veggies contain protective antioxidants. The banana leaves provide flavor & fragrance without having to resort to flavor enhancers which are high in salt. High salt intake increases blood pressure. Beetroot has natural sweetness (no sugar required) and healthy antioxidants that fight off the ravages of free radical damage.

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