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Benefits of Vitamin C for Asthma - Is Vitamin C good for your lungs ?

Asthmatics breathe easy with more Vitamin C

vitamin c supplementation for asthma

British researchers have found a link between the incidence of asthma & the consumption of fruit.

As per researchers from Cambridge University - The more intake of Vitamin C & manganese in your diet, the less likely it is you will suffer from asthma.

Building on previous studies linking antioxidant intake, particularly Vitamin C & Vitamin E, to the incidence of asthma, this latest research found participants who upped Vitamin C doses experienced a 12 % drop in symptomatic asthma. Raising manganese doses produced a 15 % reduction.

Converting these results to food quantities, the researchers concluded that moderate consumption of citrus fruits like Amla , Orange etc (between 0.7 and 46.2 gm/day) decreases the risk of asthma by 12 % , whereas high consumption (46.3 gm and up) lowers the risk by 41% .

"Our observations are consistent with previous reports of an inverse association between dietary fruit and dietary Vitamin C and respiratory conditions," say the researchers.

The active mechanism in Vitamin C & Manganese is thought to be their antioxidant nature, particularly enzyme superoxide dismutase found in manganese, which the study believes may also help reduce the incidence of other lung conditions.

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