Cancellation Policy

Sharrets Cancellation Policy 

Experience the ease of our cancellation process. To cancel an order, just contact us promptly via phone or email using the provided customer care details. We'll promptly handle your cancellation request if received before packaging and shipment.

Please remember, once orders are processed and shipped, cancellation is not possible. However, if you receive your order and realize it's not what you need or was ordered by mistake, you can return it intact for a refund. Please refer to our return policy for details. 


Amba Bari - Jaipur 302023 Rajasthan IN  

Please contact us on email or speak with customer care on between 
10 AM – 6 PM  for any doubts and concerns. 
Customer care : Phone: +91(141) 233-95-35 , WhatApp:+91 (979) 913-0300