Comfort Food Porridge with MCT

Comfort Food Porridge with MCT - Recipes created by Keto shoppe 

food porridge with MCT

This Food porridge is most suitable when nursing a flu or recovery from flu. It is not too heavy to digest yet provides the energy, nutrients and antioxidants to boost body’s immune system.

Serving Size - Two


One cup brown rice mixed with white rice
Three cups water
Two slices ginger
Two bean sticks, broken and soaked to soften
Eight medium mushrooms, soaked and sliced
One teaspoon wolfberry, rinsed
One pack of brown beech mushrooms
One tablespoon of Sharrets MCT oil


Boil and simmer porridge with ginger, bean sticks mushrooms for 30 minutes
Add wolfberry and boil for 10 minutes
Add more water if a watery porridge is preferred
Add in beech mushrooms
Turn off heat
Add in Sharrets MCT oil
Optional gingko nuts (for adults only as children find them slightly bitter)

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