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Frequently asked questions about Noni Juice

FAQ's I Frequently asked questions about Noni Juice 

What does Noni Smell like ? 
Noni has a strong , pungent smell . Noni is bitter in taste like that of a dark ale, red wine or an extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Is Noni Juice good for Cancer ? 
Studies shows that noni juice when used alone with Chemo drugs acts as an antioxidant and slows the transformation of normal cells to carcinogenic cells.  Ref:

Is Noni Juice good for Liver ?
See the reference below for - Liver Protective Effects of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)

Is Noni Good for Skin I Is Noni good for hair ? 
Free radicals damages our skin cells and as Noni Juice is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals , thus it strengthen our immunity & helps to improve circulation and is known to curb the negative effects of free radicals. Noni juice has anti-anti inflammatory & anti bacterial  properties which are helpful to keep our hair , skin & body free from infection. Consuming noni juice regularly facilitates healthy hair growth, particularly for those individuals who experience premature hair loss.

Is Noni good for diabetes ? 
A recent study supports the consumption of Noni juice to regulate elevated blood sugar levels in patients with Type II Diabetes.

Is Noni Juice safe I Is Noni Juice safe during pregnancy ? 
If you are pregnant , nursing or breast feeding , Consult with your healthcare professional before using this product .  

Are there any side effects of Noni Juice ?  
However Noni is a natural fruit , but still there are common side effects associated with noni juice , For example. 
As Noni is a rich source of Potassium , therefore it induces High blood Potassium. 

Is Noni juice good for eyesight ? 
Noni is rich source of Vitamin A, beta carotenoids, Vitamin E, C, & B complex, with all trace minerals like Calcium , Magnesium , Potassium , Zinc , Molybdenum and many more flavonoids. ... The rich antioxidant property of Noni helps to prevent the formation of cataract . Read More on the reference below. Ref: 

How much Noni Juice should you drink a day ? How to drink noni juice (Recommended use)Drink  sharrets Noni Juice 1 oz (2 tbsp) 1-2 times daily. For best results take this pure Noni juice on an empty stomach. If required mix this Noni Juice with other fruit juice of your choice . Enjoy One to four fluid oz. of Sharrets Noni Juice each morning over ice or blended into a wholesome smoothie with your favorite fruits, vegetables and/or juices !

Shake well before use to make sure you are getting complete goodness in every drop of this Juice  !

How long does Noni Juice lasts I Does Noni juice should be refrigerated ? 
Sharrets fermented Noni Juice can be stored at normal room temperature , if un opened . However Fresh squeezed Noni juice should be refrigerated . Shelf life of Sharrets Noni Juice before opening the bottle is 12 Months. 

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