Pure Vegetable glycerin

Rs. 990.00Rs. 1,115.00
  • vegetable glycerin food and pharma grade

Pure Vegetable glycerin

Rs. 990.00Rs. 1,115.00
Rs. 990.00Rs. 1,115.00

Pure Vegetable glycerin food /pharma & cosmetic grade 99.7% USP/ FCC /EP/ IPEC

For External & Excipient use only .

What is Vegetable Glycerin ? Vegetable glycerin is a Clear colorless , odorless , hygroscopic , viscous , virtually water white liquid with a slightly sweet taste . 

Vegetable Glycerin is non-antagonist (compatible) with a wide range of other materials commonly used in food , medicines & personal care products. Sharrets VG (Vegetable Glycerin food grade / pharma grade )  is our highest quality, best vegetable glycerin in India and is Ideal for many DIY & Food projects , Benefits hair & skin. Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is a very stable liquid providing a unique blend of Physical & chemical properties that make it an exceptionally versatile raw material for food , Pharma , & Cosmetic applications .

Why Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin ?  

  • Derived from tropical tree nut sources (palm/palm kernel/coconut). 
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.
  • Complies with FCC / USP / EP/  IPEC 
  • No Preservatives  or additives , No Phthalate, No Glycol Ether, No Nanoparticles, No Aflatoxin and No Silicones . No Residual solvents 
  • TSE / BSE Free, Non GMO Gluten free - Halal Certified. 
  • ABOUT THE CONTAINER : Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is packed in 100% Virgin HDPE & Food grade BPA free Bottle. Complies with US-FDA, CFR, Title 21, 177.1520
  • Availability : 170g / 300g / 1Kg / 5Kg 

Vegetable Glycerin Benefits for Skin I Best Vegetable glycerin for skin hair face: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) has a plentiful of amazing benefits for skin . Vegetable Glycerin lightens the complexion of skin and makes it flawless. In addition to protecting your skin from tanning , Vegetable glycerin also brings a brighter tone for your skin. 

  • Anti-ageing treatment
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Cleanser
  • Acne treatment
  • Blackhead treatment
  • Dry skin treatment
  • Soften your skin
  • Helps treat dandruff.
  • Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair - helps to restore health to weak , dry and lifeless hair.

Directions for use  ( For Skin & Hair care) : For soft, moisturizer skin simply massage a few drops of vegetable glycerin (VG) on desired area, as needed . Dilute with water , or mix into your shampoo or conditioner for hair care.  

Vegetable glycerin/ glycerine Uses :  

Vegetable Glycerin is a key ingredient in many cosmetic and personal care products including skin lotions & creams , toothpaste , bar soaps , deodorants , shaving preparations , etc. It is also an ideal recipe for DIY beauty products. 

Vegetable Glycerin USP - for Pharmaceuticals : Sharrets Vegetable glycerin pharmaceutical grade or Vegetable glycerin for medicinal uses  is one of the most widely used Excipients in all types of pharmaceutical & medicinal products including ointments, syrups, capsules, suppositories, herbal extracts , elixirs and expectorants etc. 

What is food grade vegetable glycerin used for ? Sharrets Food grade Vegetable glycerin is a component of several types of beverages and human and pet food products. In low-fat food products (like Cookies) , vegetable glycerin is used as filler. Sharrets Vegetable glycerin food grade is used as a humectant and softening agent in Candy, Cakes, Pet foods and casings for meats & cheeses. Vegetable Glycerin food grade restores consistency to Fondants & dried out icing colors. Sharrets VG is also used as De / Anti Icing Fluids. 

Vegetable glycerin for excipients / vegetable glycerin food grade is used as sweetener, emulsifier, humectant, substitute for water, food preservative , as a solvent for flavours & food coloring. It is also used in the manufacture of polyglycerol esters going into margarine and shortenings . 

Agro / Household / Industrial / Intermediate uses of Vegetable glycerin

  • Vegetable glycerin is used in Paints and surface coatings. 
  • VG can be used as a softener and plasticizer. 
  • Polyols .
  • Vegetable glycerin is the initiator to which ethylene oxide / propylene oxide is added 
  • Vegetable glycerin is used in de/anti-icing fluids .
  • Vegetable glycerin is used in lubricating, sizing, and softening of fabric & yarn  .
  • VG is used in manufacturing of paper as a humectant, plasticizer and lubricant.
  • In Household care - Vegetable glycerin is used in Cellulose films. 
  • In Agro Industry - VG  is Used as a Carrier , Solvent , Humectant, Antifreeze. 
  • Vegetable glycerin is used for cocktail premixes .

Other uses of VG  : Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol - Vegetable glycerin is used as Recreational vehicle (RV) antifreeze fluids , It is used in combination with propylene or ethylene glycol for fluids that require low viscosity and low freezing points.

Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin , 99.7% USP/ FCC / EP / IPEC 

STORAGE : Store in a sealed container in a cool and dry place , away from heat, strong acids and oxidizing agents .


Where to buy Pure USP Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin in Jaipur / India ? 
Buy Best Vegetable glycerin for Skin, Hair, Face, Ticntures, Cake Fondants, Soap Making, Cocktail Premixes, online in Jaipur / India at sharrets.com  

Is Vegetable glycerin safe for dogs ? 
According to the U.S FDA & EFSA Vegetable glycerine is classed as functional and safe when added in pet food as a Excipient.

What  is the price of Vegetable Glycerin ?
Vegetable Glycerin Price is Rs. 990.00 for 1 Kg 

What is boiling point of Vegetable Glycerin ?
Vegetable glycerin boiling point is 290 °C







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