Electrolytes Powder Supplement

Rs. 1,325.00Rs. 1,475.00
  • Electrolytes supplement capsules / Powder

Electrolytes Powder Supplement

Rs. 1,325.00Rs. 1,475.00
Rs. 1,325.00Rs. 1,475.00

Sharrets Electrolytes Powder - Your Ultimate Solution for Optimal Performance

Product Description:

Are you seeking a revitalizing solution to maintain your body's balance and support overall health? Look no further. Our Electrolytes Powder Supplement is a comprehensive blend of essential electrolytes and vital vitamins, including Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Chloride, Calcium, Vitamin C, K & D.

A premium electrolyte supplement meticulously designed for keto enthusiasts, intermittent fasters, athletes, and anyone seeking a power-packed source of energy and hydration. Tailored to your unique lifestyle needs, this blend is your answer to balanced electrolytes. 

INGREDIENTS : (UNFLAVORED) Blend of [Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium (Aquamin Magnesium TG), Calcium (Aquamin Calcium TG), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin K2 (Vitamin K2-7 2000 ppm) & Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D3 100 CWS - Vegan) OTHER INGREDIENTS : NONE  

ORANGE FLAVORED : Blend of [Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium (Aquamin Magnesium TG), Calcium (Aquamin Calcium TG), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Vitamin K2 (Vitamin K2-7 2000 ppm) & Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D3 100 CWS & MCT Powder OTHER INGREDIENTS : Stevia & Permitted artificial orange flavour. 

ALLERGEN INFORMATION : NO allergens are present from the following sources : egg, fish, dairy, crustacean, cereals, nuts, sulfites or soybean.

Availability : 200g 

Key Features:

  • Electrolyte Supplement for Keto: Sharrets Electrolytes Powder is your trusted companion for maintaining electrolyte balance on a keto diet.
  • Athlete Electrolyte Powder: Crafted for athletes, this formula supports muscle function, enhances endurance, and prevents cramps.
  • Energy Boosting Electrolytes: Experience a natural and sustainable energy boost with the perfect electrolyte balance.
  • Hydration Powder for Athletes: Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this supplement can help prevent muscle cramps and maintain peak performance during workouts.
  • Electrolytes for Intermittent Fasting: Support your intermittent fasting journey with the electrolytes necessary to keep you energized and focused.
  • Electrolytes for Energy and Hydration: Enjoy a dual benefit of sustained energy and optimal hydration in one convenient package.
  • Non GMO Gluten Free Electrolytes Powder - Experience the best in non-GMO, gluten-free electrolytes powder. Stay hydrated and energized with a clean, healthy solution for your active lifestyle."

How to Use:

Effortlessly mix a serving of Sharrets Electrolytes Powder with water, your favorite beverage, or into pre/post-workout shakes. Enjoy the refreshing taste while recharging your body with the electrolytes it requires. Whether part of your daily routine or a workout essential, this powder supports your active lifestyle.

Why Choose Sharrets Electrolytes Powder? Our expertly crafted formula caters to the distinctive requirements of keto dieters, intermittent fasters, athletes, and those pursuing energy and hydration. Say goodbye to imbalanced electrolytes holding you back. 

Elevate your performance and wellness - order Sharrets Electrolytes Powder today and embrace the difference it can make in your dynamic lifestyle. 


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Great results

I am using Sharrets Electrolytes powder and the results are outstanding. I am much more energised after my workouts and will recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good quality electrolytes supplement. Love the product!!