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Natural Marine Magnesium

Natural Marine Magnesium

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Vegan Capsule & Powder

Aquamin Mg - Magnesium Natural Marine Capsule & Powder


  • Derived from natural marine sources in Ireland
  • High-quality magnesium natural marine for optimal absorption
  • Highly bioavailable magnesium
  • Available in capsule and powder forms for versatility
  • Non GMO, gluten free, vegan & keto friendly 
  • No added color, flavor or preservatives
  • Availability: 90 Capsules & 300g Powder 


Elevate Your Health with Aquamin Mg  - The Perfect Fusion of Convenience and Purity !

Discover Aquamin Mg, the natural marine magnesium supplement by Sharrets, now available in both convenient capsules and versatile powder form. This extraordinary formulation harnesses the exceptional benefits of magnesium sourced from the pristine waters off the Irish Coast, providing you with an unparalleled source of this essential mineral.

Magnesium supplement Health Benefits :

  • Supports muscle and nerve function
  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Supports heart health
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Supports bone health and strength
  • It plays a critical role in converting food into energy, keeping you energized and alert.
  • Magnesium can aid in relaxing muscles and promoting better sleep quality, making it a potential remedy for insomnia.
  • Magnesium can help alleviate constipation by relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract.

Magnesium Supplement How To Take?

  • Capsules: Take 2 capsules daily with water
  • Powder: Mix 1 scoop with water, juice, or your favourite beverage
  • Take daily for optimal magnesium levels


  • Aquamin Mg (Magnesium Hydroxide Powder)

Allergen Information:

  • Free from common allergens such as gluten, crustacean, egg, dairy, fish, nuts, cereals, soy or sulfites.

Aquamin® is a registered trademark of Marigot Ltd., Ireland.

FAQs About Sharrets Nutritions Magnesium Supplement 

Q. What is the magnesium powder price per kg from Sharrets Nutritions?

A: For current pricing of magnesium powder per kg, please visit Sharrets Nutritions' official website or contact their customer service.

Q. What are magnesium supplement health benefits?

A: Magnesium powder supplements offer benefits such as muscle function support, heart health, and relaxation.

Q. How long does magnesium powder take to work?

A: The time it takes for magnesium powder to take effect varies; effects may be noticed within hours to days of regular use.

Q. What does a natural calm magnesium powder supplement do for your body?

A: Natural Calm magnesium powder helps promote relaxation, muscle tension relief, heart health support, and stress management.

Q. Are there any side effects of magnesium powder supplement?

In recommended dosage, it doesn’t have any side effects. However sometimes, possible side effects of magnesium powder supplements include diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and nausea with excessive intake.

Q. Can we use magnesium powder supplement for constipation?

Yes, magnesium supplements, including powder forms, are used to relieve constipation by relaxing intestinal muscles.

Q. When is the best time to take a magnesium supplement?

Magnesium Supplement best time to take varies; some prefer evening intake for relaxation and sleep improvement.

Q. Can I take magnesium supplement while pregnant?

Pregnant women should consult healthcare providers before taking magnesium supplements to ensure safety and suitability.

Q. Is Sharrets Nutritions magnesium supplement vegan?

Yes, Sharrets Nutritions Magnesium supplement is Vegan.

Q. What are magnesium powder calm benefits? 

Magnesium powder, like Natural Calm, promotes relaxation, aids sleep, reduces muscle tension, supports heart health, manages stress, enhances mood, boosts energy, strengthens bones, and aids digestion.

Q. Can we take magnesium supplement for anxiety?

Yes, magnesium supplements are sometimes used to help manage anxiety due to their calming effects on the nervous system.

Q. Can magnesium supplements help with migraines? 

Magnesium supplements may help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines by relaxing blood vessels and affecting neurotransmitter function.

Q. Can magnesium supplements lower high blood pressure? 

Magnesium supplements may help lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and improving heart function, but consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Q. Can magnesium supplements prevent leg cramps? 

Magnesium supplements may help prevent leg cramps by supporting muscle function and reducing muscle excitability. Ensure proper dosage and consult with a healthcare provider if cramps persist.

Q. Can we take magnesium supplements for weight loss?

Yes, magnesium supplements are sometimes taken for weight loss because they can support metabolic function and help regulate blood sugar levels, which may indirectly support weight management efforts.

Q.Is it better to take magnesium supplements in the morning or at night? 

The timing of magnesium supplements can vary. Taking them at night may promote relaxation and aid sleep, while morning intake may support daytime energy levels. Choose a time that suits your needs and consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Q. Can magnesium supplements help with muscle recovery? 

Magnesium supplements can support muscle recovery by aiding in muscle relaxation, reducing cramps, and supporting energy production during physical activity. They may also help reduce inflammation post-exercise.

Q. Are magnesium supplements beneficial for women & men ?

Magnesium Supplement for women and men - Yes, magnesium supplements can be beneficial for women & men both to support bone health, relieve menstrual cramps, aid in stress management, and support overall well-being.

Q. What is the recommended magnesium supplement dosage?

Magnesium Capsules: Take 2 capsules daily with water.

Magnesium Powder: Mix 1 scoop with water, juice, or your favourite beverage

Take daily for optimal magnesium levels

Q. What does magnesium powder do for your body? 

Magnesium powder supports various functions in the body:

Muscle Function: Helps muscles contract and relax properly.

Heart Health: Supports normal heart rhythm and function.

Bone Health: Aids in maintaining strong bones.

Energy Production: Helps convert food into energy.

Nervous System: Regulates neurotransmitter function, aiding in stress management.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Assists in insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

Q. Where to buy the best magnesium supplements online? 

You can buy the best magnesium powder and capsules supplements online from Sharrets Nutritions at their official website Additionally, Sharrets products are available on popular platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, and various other online portals.


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