C8 C10 MCT oil

Rs. 1,705.00Rs. 2,980.00
  • Medium chain triglycerides mct oil

C8 C10 MCT oil

Rs. 1,705.00Rs. 2,980.00
Rs. 1,705.00Rs. 2,980.00

Sharrets C8 C10 MCT oil - Caprylic & Capric Triglycerides.

Suitable for Adults & children's for Oral & Topical Use. 

It is a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil obtained by the esterification of Vegetable Palm Kernel, with a specific and selected blend of fatty acids, Caprylic (C8)  and Capric (C10). 

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MCT oil C8 C10 Ingredients : Medium Chain Triglycerides USP-NF / BP/ Ph.Eur
Chemical name : Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides.
SOURCE : Palm Kernel 

Typical fatty acid composition: 
C8 (Caprylic fatty acid) content  ~60 %
C10 (Capric fatty acid) content   ~40 %

Key Features :

  • Trans Fat Free 
  • Non GMO , Gluten free  
  • Kosher & Halal 
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and or Vegans.
  • Paleo & Keto diet friendly.
  • Suitable for Oral & Topical use. 
  • Food & Pharma grade MCT I Complies with USP-NF /BP/ FCC/ Ph.Eur 

Sharrets C8 & C10 MCT oil is free of additives, solvents and catalyst residues. It is unflavored & odorless , making it ideal as an addition to meals or as dressing for salads.

Sharrets C8 & C10 MCT oil is available in three Packs . 
8.45 fl oz. / 16.90 Fl Oz / 32 Fl Oz.  

MCT oil C8 C10 uses - 

Its excellent properties and chemical structure, make Sharrets C8 & c10 MCT oil a versatile ingredient perfect for a wide range of applications; C8 C10 MCT oil can be used for auxiliary and base substances for Cosmetics , pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations. 

It meets exceptional sensorial properties; MCT oil is useful for food and flavours applications, as technological aid or lubricant ingredient for the treatment of food equipment.  

MCT oil can be used as well as nutritional complement for healthy food products. 

Use of MCTs in Gastrointestinal Disorders 


MCT oil C8 C10 application in Personal care products : It has excellent emollient and skin conditioning properties. It is a rich emollient with a soft, non tacky skin feel and long lasting  lubrication. It is perfect for use in skin care products as creams or lotions ; in sun protection with high or low SPF values, colour cosmetics and hair care applications.

MCT oil C8 C10 benefits - 

Capric & Caprylic Medium Chain Triglycerides help the body to reach its optimal ketone levels for better health, weight management and enhance physical and mental performance. It is used in sports nutrition as a instant source of energy.

Suggested UseFor Children : 1 Tsp twice daily . For Adults : Take One tablespoon 3-4 times daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Not recommended for Cooking.

For new users : allow your body to get accustomed to MCT by starting with ½ tablespoon daily and increasing intake gradually. Do not consume on an empty stomach.


c8 c10 mct oil

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