Cocoa Powder Unsweetened

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Cocoa Powder Unsweetened

Rs. 230.00Rs. 245.00

Low fat cocoa powder I 100% vegetarian

non alkalized and unsweetened

Sharrets brings to you Pure Unsweetened Cocoa powder that has been meticulously prepared from  raw Cocoa beans, and processed under stringent quality check protocols. The product is free from artificial colors and preservatives.

Sharrets Cocoa Powder is a great source of antioxidants and a nutritionally-rich addition to your foods. It can be added to various dishes like desserts, smoothies and snacks like cookies, bars and cakes to make them super delicious.

Cocoa powder for all your baking needs

Bake Cakes , cookies , brownies , granola or fancy desserts . 
Blend a smoothie , rich chocolate sauce & delicious chocolates .

Give baking and hot chocolate-making 100% with Sharrets Cocoa. From heavenly hot chocolate to fabulous frostings and gluten-free desserts, 

This cacao is naturally unsweetened, highly versatile and delicious. Sharrets Rich & Healthy Cocoa powder will refresh your mood with the original taste of cocoa beans which makes your hot chocolate even yummier.


1 Cup Milk , 2 tsp Sugar , 2 tsp , Sharrets Cocoa Powder ,1 tsp Chocolate flakes.

Mix Sugar , Chocolate flakes & Sharrets Cocoa in large mug Heat Milk at High (100 %) for 1-½ minutes or until hot. Gradually add milk to cocoa mixture ; stir well.

Cocoa powder ingredients : Cocoa solids 

Store in a cool , hygienic & dry place. Away from strong smelling substances & heat sources. Avoid exposure to moisture & humidity.

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