Coconut MCT oil Powder

Rs. 850.00Rs. 945.00
  • coconut mct oil powder 80  without carbs

Coconut MCT oil Powder

Rs. 850.00Rs. 945.00
Rs. 850.00Rs. 945.00

MCT oil powder keto I best mct oil powder for weight loss - MCTs (ZERO CARBS)

Description: MCTs : Medium chain triglycerides are a unique type of fatty acids found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. These MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness. Medium Chain triglycerides help the body to reach its optimal ketone levels for better health, weight management and enhance mental as well as physical performance.

Sharrets Nutritions MCT Powder is a goodness of MCT oil in powdered form . It is a free-flowing, micro-encapsulated medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil with 80% MCT , that are naturally derived from Coconut oil only .

Sharrets MCT Powder can be added to beverages, like tea,  coffee, and smoothies, or to stews , soups, and curry.

Sharrets MCT Powder  is Used as fat powder in food applications with additional nutritional benefit , e.g. Sports food , weight management , snack food. 

MCT oil powder Nutrition facts  

Nutritional Information 

MCT Powder 80

Amount Per Serving (10g)




K cal.


Fat - Total 



- of Which saturates 



- of Which Unsaturates 



- of Which Polyunsaturates 












Total Carbohydrates 



Typical Naturally occurring Fatty Acids 

Caprylic acid ( C8) 



Capric acid  (C10)  



Ingredients in MCT Powder 80  : Coconut sourced MCT oil Powder 80 ( Caprylic & Capric MCTs) , Gum Acacia Fiber.

Also available- MCT OIL.

Appearance: White to off white colour Powder.
Odour: Clean , Creamy , no off Flavour.
Source: The MCT fatty acids in the powder are 100% coconut derived.

Features of Sharrets MCT oil Powder 80 : 

  • Keto friendly - MCT oil powder keto - High Fat , Low Protein & No Carbs . 
  • High C8 ( caprylic acid ) & C10 ( capric acid ) content . 
  • Excellent oxidation stability , Great dispersibility & Smooth tasting .
  • No Maltodextrin , No color , No flavor , No added sweetener.
  • GMO Free MCT Powder , Gluten free MCT oil powder , TSE/BSE Free.
  • Sharrets Nutritions - Coconut MCT powder 80 is Halal certified & suitable for Vegetarian . 

Benefits of MCT oil Powder : What does mct oil powder do for you ?

MCT oil powder for weight loss - Fight Fat with fat : lose weight the healthy way . Sharrets MCT oil powder derived from Natural coconuts is the best mct oil powder for weight loss . 

MCT oil powder for bodybuilding , MCT powder for athletes : When you take Sharrets MCT powder on a regular basis, it provides sustained energy that reduces fatigue, enhances endurance, and allows you to accomplish more during your high performance workouts.

MCT oil powder for brain health - Choose Sharrets Nutritions MCT Powder 80 to Fuel Your Brain : Stay focused, think more clearly and give your brain a boost with Sharrets MCTs made from real coconuts .

MCT oil powder and intermittent fasting - Stay Satisfied : This high-fat Sharrets MCT oil powder will help keep you full and satisfied during intermittent fasting, or anytime you feel hungry.

Mess Free, Flavor Full : Just mix a scoop (10 gram approx)  of Sharrets MCT Powder with your favorite drink or beverage for an easy, satisfying treat. 

Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil powder (MCT powder in coffee) : Our MCT Powder can make your coffee creamy, turn almond milk into keto milk, or add clean, delicious sweetness to your morning smoothie.

MCT for graceful aging - 

MCT for immune system - Helps to support a healthy immune system.

How to take mct oil powder or How much mct oil powder per day ? Recommended Use :  As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop (1 serving of approx 10g)  of Sharrets MCT powder  into your favorite beverage as needed for added energy or calories. Take 2-4 tablespoonfuls daily. 

For new users : allow your gut to get accustomed to MCT by starting with ½ tablespoon daily and increasing intake gradually. Do not consume MCT powder on an empty stomach.

When To take MCT oil Powder : 

In the Morning :  Sharrets MCT oil Powder can be used In your coffee as a delicious creamer.

In the Afternoon : Sharrets MCT oil powder keto - can be used to curb your hunger.

Dessert : Coconut MCT oil powder to satisfy your sweet tooth.

At Snack time : Sharrets MCT oil Powder to help you meet your macros.

During Office hours : Sharrets MCT oil powder to help you focus before work or a big meeting.

MCT oil powder side effects: 

MCT oil powder recipes  - Click here to view healthy recipes with Sharrets MCT Products.

Where to buy mct oil powder ? Click here to buy best MCT oil in India 

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