CPH+ Fish collagen supplement

Rs. 1,550.00Rs. 1,695.00
  • fish collagen with HA and Vitamin C

CPH+ Fish collagen supplement

Rs. 1,550.00Rs. 1,695.00
Rs. 1,550.00Rs. 1,695.00

Hydrolyzed Fish collagen peptides with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid I Fish collagen supplement

CPH+ is the leading collagen peptide supplement brand under Sharrets Nutritions . CPH+ contains the perfect balance of Hydrolyzed fish Collagen peptides (Type-1) , Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid to combat the signs of aging from the inside out . 

With every day use you will see lasting results in your hair, nails, skin, joints, muscles , tendons & ligaments. CPH+ supports Ski , Joint & Connective tissue health. Helps to reduce the signs of aging by maintaining the skin's elasticity , helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles. Improves mobility in conditions such as arthritis & joint pain. Preserves builds and replenishes lean muscle mass.


  • CPH+ is the premium Hydrolyzed Fish collagen peptide ingredient brand - Sustainably sourced from wild caught fish. 
  • Bioavailable which enables optimal absorption- CPH+ is Highly soluble in cold water and  Hydrolyzed form of Fish Collagen Peptides in CPH+ makes it easily digestible. Therefore it is optimized for high bioavailability and activity. 
  • CPH+ is easy to use and is perfect for those of you looking for convenient, easily consumed and innovative delivery formats that can fit in with your daily routines.
  • Best brand of collagen peptides I Best collagen supplement to take - Sharrets CPH+ is an ideal Collagen Supplement to strengthen your bones ,  joints , muscles , hair , skin & nails.
  • Convenience - CPH + is Easy to integrate in any recipes . 

WHO CAN TAKE CPH+ Collagen supplement) ?

  • People with Osteoarthritis & elderly.
  • People involved in high physical activities like Models , actors dancers , sports persons etc .
  • Obese people , People who are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Daily intake of CPH+ Collagen supplement promotes the health of  Cartilage and helps in maintaining mobility and flexibility of Joints.  

DIFFERENT TYPES OF CPH+  - Discover our 3 types of Fish collagen supplements  :

CPH+ Collagen supplement benefits : 

Collagen benefits - Benefits of taking collagen supplements ? Does Collagen supplements really work ? Are collagen supplements good for you & your family ? 

Explore the health benefits of CPH+ collagen peptides.

Skin beauty - beauty from the inside out I Collagen supplements for skin I  best collagen supplement for skin elasticity. 

Outside’s Beautiful skin needs a healthy foundation on the inside .

This is where CPH+ Collagen supplement can help your skin from within to aid optimal skin function. Maintains Skin Elasticity and Firmness.

Contributes to the maintenance of strong hair and nails.

Helps protect from free radical damage. . 


Accelerating exercise recovery, protecting connective tissues to prevent injuries. CPH+ collagen supplement helps you getting to the next exercise faster.

With a unique amino acid profile, collagen peptides contain high levels of the amino acids alanine , arginine , glycine and hydroxyproline – providing specific sports nutritional benefits. In short, collagen peptides offer multiple benefits linked to muscles, recovery and connective tissue support.

Collagen preserves, build and replenishes lean muscle mass. CPH+ Collagen peptides provide for sports recovery after exercise and in fitness / weight management programs, making them the clear choice for use in balanced protein blends for sports and active nutrition.

BONE AND JOINT HEALTH I  best collagen supplement for joints and tendons

CPH+ Collagen supplement for bones - Ensuring optimal Joint & bone health for an active lifestyle. 

Boosting bone and joint health with CPH+ collagen supplement and discover our new product – CPH FORTE ( enhanced with Curcumin & Piperine) specifically designed for joint health. 

CPH+ is helps to Improve mobility in conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. 

HEALTHY AGING - Collagen supplement for aging . 

Promoting mobility, helping us to maintain physical well-being and to stay active as long as possible, and to age gracefully with CPH+ collagen supplement .

SUGGESTED USE : How much collagen is needed daily ? How much collagen should I take daily ? Add 1 serving (12g.) of CPH+ to a glass of water or your favorite beverage  , stir well until the powder is evenly dispersed in the water and drink immediately . Best if taken empty stomach.

Daily intake In order to continuously boost the production of collagen in the body, it is recommended to consume collagen peptides on a daily basis.  

CPH+ collagen supplement ingredients : 

CPH+ Flavored : Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides( Type-1) , Vitamin C ( L ascorbic acid USP/FCC/Ph.Eur ) , Hyaluronic Acid , Orange Flavor & stevia extract ( No color , No Preservatives)

CPH+ Unflavored : Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides ( Type-1) , Vitamin C ( L ascorbic acid USP/FCC/Ph.Eur ), Hyaluronic Acid  & Vitamin C. ( No color , No flavor , No Preservatives)




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