Keto MCT oil

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  • Keto MCT oil - Sharrets Nutritions LLP , India

Keto MCT oil

Rs. 2,390.00Rs. 2,980.00
Rs. 2,390.00Rs. 2,980.00

MCT oil for ketosis -Keto MCT oil

MCT oil vegan keto I MCT oil keto friendly I MCT oil keto bulletproof I MCT oil good for keto I Keto weight loss supplement .

Supercharge your body , improve energy levels & upgrade your brain . 

MCT oil keto for Endurance , Health & Happiness.

MCT oil Ingredients : Medium Chain Triglycerides (C8 & C10) 
Chemical name : Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides.
SOURCE : Coconut , Palm, Palm Kernel & RSPO 
C8 (Caprylic fatty acid) content  ~70 %
C10 (Capric fatty acid) content   ~30 %

Sharrets MCT oil (KETO MCT oil) features :

  • Paleo diet and Keto friendly mct oil . 
  • Non gmo , gluten free mct oil for ketosis. 
  • MCT oil vegan keto is packed in BPA free , Food grade HDPE Bottle. 
  • Sharrets Keto MCT oil for ketosis - can be easily added into a variety of formats such as; gummies , bars , functional beverages, gelpaks, shakes , powders etc.
  • Sharrets Keto MCT oil ( mct oil keto bulletproof)  is Produce in U.S.A
  • Sharrets MCT oil for ketosis is suitable for vegan and/or vegetarian diets.

MCT oil uses :

  • Dietary supplement ingredient. 
  • MCT oil keto- is used in beverages , baked goods , chewing gum , fats and oils , confectioneries , frosting , frozen dairy , dairy product analogues , processed fruits , snack foods , soft candy 
  • MCT oil used for - Emulsifier / texturizer. ,  Lubricant , Solvent / vehicle.Stabilizer / thickener . 
  • MCT oil is also used as Formulation aid , Surface finishing agent,Release agent , 
  • Uses of MCT oil for skin - Skin conditioning agent , occlusive agent ; leaves a light silky after-feel. Skin care products , lipsticks , foundations - use level 0.5 -5% (w/w)

MCT oil keto benefits : Nutritional Benefits of MCT oil (KETO MCT oil)   : Is MCT oil good for you ? 

Get Your Body , Mind & Health moving in the right direction with Science-backed Caprylic (C8) & Capric acid (C10) MCTs  MCT oil keto. 

Keto mct oil for Endurance , Health & & Happiness I Is MCT oil good for keto diet ? 

✓ MCT oil for brain- Enhance your Cognitive Health formulations with increased ketone production. 

✓MCT oil for ketogenic diet- Support Ketogenic users with increased satiety & healthy fat intake .

✓ MCT oil for energy- Increase your Sports Nutrition enthusiast’s performance with increased levels of energy, endurance and thermogenesis.

MCT oil for Brain Health - Is mct oil good for your brain ? 

  • MCT oil for brain function - supports cognitive health
  • MCT brain fuel - MCT supplementation increases ketone metabolism in the brain -More ketones in the brain (Ref.4) , more brain fuel.

MCT for Weight loss I Can MCT oil help you lose weight?

  • MCT oil and exercise : MCTs increase calorie burn during exercise (Ref.5)
  • Does mct oil boost metabolism ? MCTs have been shown to enhance metabolism - With exercise, MCTs increase fat metabolism (Ref.6)
  • A diet supplemented with MCTs may increase satiety and reduce feelings of hunger (Ref.7)

MCT oil sports Nutrition

  • MCT oil and digestion - MCTs absorb & digest rapidly for quick energy
  • mct oil for endurance athletes - MCTs significantly improve endurance performance (Ref.8)
  • In ketogenic/ fat-adapted athletes - MCT fuels exercise performance.

MCT oil how to use - Suggested Use : As a dietary supplement take one tablespoonful (15ml.) 3-4 times daily or as desired .

MCT oil for smoothies I MCT oil in coffee I MCT oil salad dressing : Sharrets Keto MCT oil can be mixed into smoothies , or try it with Coffee . Can also be used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings or unheated sauces. 

Most oils & fats in the Indian diet consist of LCTs, which, in excess, are stored as fat. MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides) are smaller as compared to LCTs (Long chain triglycerides) , and more easily digested by the body. Medium chain triglycerides are transported directly to the liver where they are quickly metabolized to energy. In the liver, MCTs are rapidly metabolized into ketones which are used by the brain, heart, and muscle as an alternate energy source. 

MCTs are healthy fats for healthy lifestyle. They are unique, easily digestible, plant-based fats. They are composed of fatty acids of 8-10 carbons, which can be found in small amounts in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and in milk – especially goat milk.

MCTs are Common food ingredients and are considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) when produced and used in accordance with FDA CFR Title 21, § 182.1.

MCT Oil contains 100% pure medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that are naturally found in coconut oil and palm kernel oil. It is odorless and unflavored, making it ideal as an addition to meals or as dressing for salads.

Featured product for Ketosis  : MCTs  are a readily used source of energy for the brain and body , and have shown to increase thermogenesis and satiety, and decrease fat tissue for healthy weight management [ Ref . 1-3 ].

MCTs help the body to reach its optimal ketone levels for better health, and enhance physical and mental performance. 

Keto MCT oil , a medium chain triglycerides , is manufactured by esterification of fatty acids , mainly caprylic and capric, which originate from vegetable sources (Coconut ,Palm, Palm Kernel & RSPO) . It is fully refined and deodorized and miscible with most organic solvents including 95% ethanol.

FAQs about MCT oil. 

Which MCT oil is best for Keto I What is the best MCT oil to use on keto I What is the best MCT oil to buy I What is the best MCT oil for weight loss?
Sharrets KETO MCT Oil (Palm base) or Sharrets Coconut MCT oil  is best for Keto. 

Is MCT oil the same as coconut oil? MCT oil vs coconut oil I Bulletproof mct oil vs coconut oil (Coconut vs MCT ) What is the difference between Coconut oil and MCT oil ? Is MCT oil better than coconut oil?
How much MCT oil is in Coconut oil ? Coconut oil contains relatively small quantities of Medium Chain Triglycerides (Caprylic acid C8 : 6 percent and Capric acid C10 : 9 percent of coconut oil) .There is no doubt about the benefits of Coconut for health . But if you really want to benefit from the Medium Chain Triglycerides , choosing Sharrets Nutritions MCT’s  is the way to go. 

Should I use MCT oil on keto? Do I need MCT oil on keto?
Medium Chain Triglycerides can help you to remain in ketosis or get into ketosis faster, because MCTs a healthy fat source and are less likely to be stored as body fat. MCT oil can be found in palm oil , coconut oil, and even in some dairy products.  

How much MCT oil for Ketosis : How much MCT oil should I take daily? Should I take MCT oil everyday?  Can we take MCT oil everyday ?  

Why Should we take MCT Oil Every Day. MCTs are the healthiest , most beneficial primary fats found in coconut oil . MCT oil has a great taste and the benefits of using MCT oil every day are so plentiful, there is no reason not to take MCT oil regularly ! 

As a dietary supplement take one tablespoonful (15ml.) 3-4 times daily or as desired . Sharrets Keto MCT oil can be mixed into smoothies , or try it with Coffee . Can also be used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings or unheated sauces. 

Why does MCT oil hurt my stomach ? What are the side effects of MCT oil? MCTs are dietary food and if taken as Food supplement in recommended dosage , doesn't have any side effects . However, in some individuals there may be minor side effects like vomiting , nausea, diarrhea and an upset stomach. Such type of side effects can be avoided by starting with small doses, such as 1 teaspoon, and increasing intake gradually . Once MCT oil is tolerated, it can be  taken by the tablespoon.

What can I put in my coffee on keto diet? Why put MCT oil in your coffee? 
By incorporating MCT into your coffee , helps you to reach or maintain ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body uses ketones — as fuel instead of glucose. Thus helps in easy weight loss.  

How long does it take to get into Ketogenesis or ketosis?
If you stick to your Keto diets , It takes between 1-10 days to get into ketosis . The time for ketosis depends on individual's prior nutrition, the body's metabolism and other factors such as fasting and supplements .

How do you add MCT oil to coffee? How much MCT oil should you put in your coffee?
Add Coffee, almond milk, Sharrets MCT Oil Powder or Keto MCT Oil and grass-fed butter into a blender. Puree for about Ten seconds or until frothy. Pour into your Glass and enjoy. Your day just got amazing . 

Bullet Proof Coffee : 
8 ounce hot coffee.
½ cup unsweetened almond milk. 
1 scoop Sharrets MCT oil Powder or 15 ml. Keto MCT oil. 
1 teas spoonful organic grass-fed butter.

What does MCT oil do for keto diet?

Does bulletproof coffee work?
Good news for our brain - Bulletproof coffee contains high amount of healthy, saturated fat a .But there are numerous benefits of Bulletproof coffee; improved metabolism, helpful in weight loss, stabilized GI health, and increased strength and mood .

Should I take MCT oil before working out? 
Researchers demonstrates that consuming MCTs in a pre-workout drink Thirty to fourty five minutes before training can help athletes to increase their energy levels during training, and provide an alternative energy source to pre-workout carbs. 

When should I take MCT oil ?

The Best Time to Use MCT Oil in a day : 

  1. Take MCT oil In the Morning for Fat Loss & Concentration. When you incorporate MCT oil, your liver rapidly converts it into ketones, little bundles of energy that your cells can use for fuel.
  2. MCT before work outs for Quick Energy with No Crash.

How much weight can you lose with MCT oil?
When people incorporating MCT oil to diet , they may burn about 300 more calories per day and gradually lost body fat.

Is it OK to have MCT oil before bed?

Does MCT Oil interact with medications? 

Can MCT oil make you gain weight?

Can I take MCT oil at night?

Does MCT oil help with constipation?

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