What is Keto Diet & what are it's benefits ?

Keto Diet-A Boon for Our Body.

Keto diet I Ketogenic diet I Keto diet foods . 

A well-known low carbohydrate diet for our body in which body produces ketones in the liver so that it will be used as energy. People refer it with many different terms such as Ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low card high-fat diet etc. when we eat high carbohydrate food, our body produces insulin and it converts carbs into glucose. Glucose is essential and easiest molecule for our body that used and chosen any other energy source. The production of insulin is because it produces glucose in the bloodstream and out heart pumps it everywhere.

Since glucose is the primary source of energy in our body, your fats not needed to convert into glucose hence remain stored in our body. Typically on a higher card diet, the body uses glucose as the main form of energy but lowering the carb diet, our body will go into the state called ketosis.

Ketosis is our body’s process that is initiated by the liver to keep us alive when there is a low intake of food. During this state, our body produces ketones that are a breakdown of the fats present in the liver. The main goal of a keto diet is to maintain a metabolic state of our body—keto diet does not promote starvation but taking low carbohydrate diet.

Benefits of taking Keto diet (Ketogenic diet) 

There are numerous benefits of keto diet from weight loss and increase in energy level in the body, to the therapeutic medical application. The safest benefit is eating low carbohydrate will keep you active, slim, and maintain the metabolism of a body.

That is why it also maintains blood sugar level of the body, maintains mental focus, increase energy, and reduces the hunger. Keto diet is shown to perk up the triglycerides level and good cholesterol level that helps in building arteries.

SHARRETS KETO-FIT a blend of fish collagen peptide and MCT (Medium Chain triglycerides) the diet contain super foods to give you powerful health benefits of collagen. The food proven great diet for athletes, sport personalities for individuals looking to support healthy skin, joints and gut.

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