Pea protein isolate 80

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  • Pea protein isolate 80

Pea protein isolate 80

Rs. 565.00Rs. 595.00
Rs. 565.00Rs. 595.00

Plant based Vegan protein Powder I Pea protein isolate 80 I Pea protein in India

Soy free dairy free Vegan Protein Powder  

Peas are well known source of highly bioavailable protein. Pea protein is considered as an ideal source of post-workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty supplementing with other protein powders.

Pea protein is becoming a fast favorite for gym-goers and health-conscious individuals alike. Not only is it soy - and dairy free , but it has been proven to be spectacular for your heart , kidneys and waistline too !

Pea protein has recently emerged as a convenient & popular source of protein for those individuals who are looking to bump up their intake and meet their nutritional needs. Peas, however, have long been used as a source of nutrition & healing in many forms of traditional medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine,  for ex. peas are thought to promote urine production & helps support to relieve indigestion while also strengthening gut health and supporting regularity.

Meanwhile, peas are often recommended on an Ayurvedic diet because they are easy to digest, can help satisfy the stomach and keep appetite under control. Because of  their high fiber content, peas are also thought to act as a laxative to prevent constipation and add bulk to the stool.

Sharrets® Nutritions Pea protein is a vegan friendly pea protein isolate, food grade made from 100% Non-GMO, US and Canadian peas. It provides excellent amino acid structure with a high level of functionality and nutrition.

Pure, natural and unflavored , Sharrets® Nutritions Pea Protein mixes easily into your favorite beverages.

Available in 3 Variants : 

Pea Protein Isolate - Unflavored / Chocolate / Vanilla

Features & Benefits of Pea Protein :

No cholesterol, Low fats
High-lysine, Allergen-Free, Non-GMO I Plant based vegan protein powder.

Adding pea protein to your rotation could help enhance weight loss, support cardiac  health, improve kidney function, increase muscle thickness & maintains blood sugar levels.

Nutritional information of Pea protein powder : 

One serving ( 30g) of Sharrets® Nutritions Unflavored pea protein powder, contains approximately: 
  • 110 calories
  • 1 gram Fat
  • 24 g protein
  • 1g Carbs 
  • Dietary fiber 1g
  • 7.27mg iron 
  • 240 mg sodium 
  • 40 mg  calcium 
  • 80 mg potassium 

Ingredients : 

Unflavored - Pea Protein Isolate (100%)
Chocolate - Pea Protein Isolate , Cocoa Powder , Stevia Extract 
Vanilla - Pea Protein Isolate , Vanilla flavor , Stevia Extract 

SUGGESTED USE :  As a dietary supplement add One Scoop (approx 30g.) of Pea Protein Isolate powder into a glass of water , stir well until the powder is evenly dispersed and drink immediately. 

IMPORTANT : As with any supplement, if you are under 18 years of age , pregnant , nursing, lactating or taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before use. 

For Oral consumption only. Not to exceed the recommended daily usage. Health supplement is not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet


The statements mentioned on this packaging have not been evaluated by FDA /FSSAI . This product is " NOT MEANT FOR MEDICINAL USE " and it is not  intended to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease. 

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