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Resveratrol - Powerful antioxidant as found in red grapes & red wine

Doctors have long agreed that ‘something’ in red wine appears to be heart healthy. Research over the last decade has shown that this special something is Resveratrol , found in the skin and seeds of grapes used to make red wine.

While this may sound great if you enjoy if you enjoy a glass of wine with your evening meal , doctors caution against the health risks of drinking too much alcohol . Instead this ‘wonder’ anti oxidant can now be taken as a Sharrets Supplement , with one regular dose of providing as much resveratrol as many glasses of red wine .

Research at Harvard Medical School has shown that , taken at sufficient levels , resveratrol may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease , by promoting normal blood flow and preventing oxidation of cholesterol.

At Harvard study of men with type 2 diabetes also found that resveratrol  reduced fasting blood sugar and improved insulin sensitivity - which can protect veins and arteries by reducing levels of sugar in the blood and balancing cholesterol production .

What also makes resveratrol unique among anti oxidants is its ability to seek out and regulate the gene sirt1 . This allows the body to burn fat stores more efficiently , which can help in weight management . Sirt1 gene research is creating excitement amongst longevity experts too- who now believe it may help to prevent a range of age- related health conditions.  


More and more research has suggested free radicals aggressively destroy healthy cells in the body , contributing to premature ageing . Free radicals are a natural by-product of the body , but are also found in , for example Cigarette smoke , UV light , environmental pollution , alcohol and fried food . The body has mechanisms to deal with these free radicals , because they are highly dangerous left to their own devices.

Antioxidants work in the body by neutralizing and eliminating these free radicals . They also boost the body’s ability to repair , regenerate and protect itself from further damage.

When you cut open an apple , the flesh of the apple will become brown rather quickly due to the oxidation process and free radical formation ; however , if you rub lemon juice (which contains Vitamin C) on the apple , the apple will not brown as quickly . The same is true in the body . Now there is a new generation of SUPER ANTIOXIDANTS providing an extra boost of these important nutrients for modern life.

resveratrol capsules

Resveratrol - Antioxidants help combat free radical damage.

  • Supports heart protection.
  • Maintains healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Linked with longevity .
  • Helps blood sugar balance.
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