Curry Chicken Noodle with MCT Powder

Curry Chicken Noodle with MCT Powder

Curry chicken noodle with MCT powder.

This is a healthy version of curry made from yoghurt and Sharrets MCT powder rather than coconut milk. Yoghurt contains calcium ( for maintaining Strong bones) . Onions belong to the allium family that includes garlic, shallots , leeks, . These veggies may help reduce risk of the Cancer of stomach . Tomatoes are the rich source of lycopene which is an antioxidant and demonstrate to neutralise the effects of cell damage.

Serving Size -  Two

1-1/2 tablespoon of ready-made curry paste (add more if extra spiciness is preferred)
Two pieces chicken thigh, deboned and fat removed and cut into chunks
Four tablespoon of Sharrets  MCT powder
Four tablespoon yoghurt
One medium red onion, cut to rings
Four cups chicken stock
One tomato, cut into wedges
One bowl of flat Hokkien noodle, washed with hot water to remove oil
One cup bean sprouts

1)     Marinade chicken with curry paste for Thirty minutes
2)     Stir Sharrets MCT powder into yoghurt and mix well. Put aside.
3)     Fry chicken over low heat
4)     Add onion rings
5)     Add in chicken stock and simmer for Ten minutes
6)     Add in tomatoes, bean sprouts and noodle
7)     Bring to boil and turn off heat
8)     Finally stir in yoghurt and MCT powder mixture.