Resveratrol supplements

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  • resveratrol 500 1000 250 capsules

Resveratrol supplements

Rs. 945.00Rs. 995.00
Rs. 945.00Rs. 995.00

Resonate -Yeast Fermented Anti Aging trans Resveratrol supplements 

Availability : Resveratrol 250mg I Resveratrol 500mg I  Resveratrol 1000 mg 


PRODUCT INFORMATIONWhat makes Sharrets Nutritions resveratrol unique ? Pure, high quality resveratrol that you can count on I Resveratrol : an ingredient for healthy aging.

Resveratrol is manufactured by fermentation with baker’s yeast (S. cerevisiae), followed by extensive purification.

Sharrets Nutritions anti aging resveratrol is a highly purified trans-Resveratrol product. Sharrets Resonate - resveratrol is produced using an innovative natural yeast fermentation process. This process of natural purification & fermentation does not involve harsh solvents that are present in the chemical synthesis used for synthetic resveratrol.

The only ingredient in Sharrets Resonate is Veri-te™ resveratrol , and it is produced in Switzerland using an innovative yeast fermentation process.

This means our anti aging resveratrol is: 
SAFE: free of contaminants (such as PAHs , Emodin ) 
PURE: >98 % Veri-te™ trans-resveratrol ( No Additives ) 
RELIABLE: Halal Certified , Non GMO - Gluten free , consistent batch to batch 
VERSATILE: Conforms to FCC / United States Pharmacopoeia & Ph. Eur 
VEGAN: Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegan.

Resveratrol uses : As a dietary supplement , Sharrets Resveratrol can be used for a variety of health concerns including Skin , Heart , Colon, digestion, Cognitive  and many more . 

Trans Resveratrol benefits : 

Resveratrol for Heart Health : Is Resveratrol good for Heart ?
Increases flexibility of veins and arteries thus lowering blood pressure. 

Provides anti-inflammatory properties which can impact cardiac health.(Ref:

Resveratrol for Bone Health : Balances bone resorption with bone formation . Resveratrol Acts in a complementary way to Vitamin D & Calcium for bone health. ( Ref 2)

Resveratrol for Brain health :
Resveratrol In combination with other antioxidants helps in protecting the brain against oxidative stress . (Ref 1, 3)

Resveratrol for weight loss Helpful in weight management and prevention of obesity. ( Ref 5) 

Resveratrol for digestion :  Supports colon health.

Increases moisturization and reduces wrinkling. Reduces oxidative stress. 

Promotes skin whitening. ( Ref 10)  

Resveratrol for Blood Sugar Control : Resveratrol Affects insulin sensitivity and blood glucose maintenance.  Increases the uptake of glucose in the absence of insulin. 

Mimics the effect of a calorie-restricted diet.

Supplement facts :  Serving Size : Two Capsules , Servings per container : Fifteen Capsules. 
Amount per serving. 
Veri-te™ Resveratrol 500mg /1000mg (Yielding trans resveratrol 245mg/ 490 mg. / 980mg ( standardized to 98%) 
Ingredients Veri-te™ Resveratrol USP / FCC / Ph.Eur & HPMC Vegetable capsule 

How much Resveratrol should you take daily ? Resveratrol supplement dosage  As a Dietary supplement , One Serving of Resonate ( 2 Capsules)  should be taken once daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. 

Should resveratrol be taken on an empty stomach ? Dr. Kogan says, fortunately, there are no known side effects of Resveratrol . And it doesn't matter whether you take Resveratrol with food or on an empty stomach. Ref:

Resveratrol supplement side effects : Is Resveratrol safe to take ? Resveratrol supplement is LIKELY SAFE when taken in the recommended dosage i.e. when taken orally upto 1000 milligrams 1-2 times daily for up to three to four  months or more as required. There is no known side effects of a resveratrol supplement. 
STORAGE : Keep out of the Reach of Children . Store in a Cool , dry Place. This Product is intended as Food supplement only. 
Veri-te™ is a trademark of Evolva SA , Switzerland.

Important : Results may vary from individual to individual . Information and statements made on this website are for education purposes and are not meant  to substitute the advice of your doctor. 


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